Awesome first time experience practicing reiki with Sarah! She invested all the time needed to complete a session with my cat cinder and myself as well. She is very open with her thoughts and concerns which made the environment comfortable for the both of us. After the session she gave us some genuine and well though out advice catered to our specific needs. Looking forward to the next time! Lana and Cinder the cat.


Sarah was able to heal Links ( the cat) of skin issues that had been around for weeks. The vet didn’t know what the issue was or how to fix it. Reiki helped in one session!!! Fran and Links the cat

Wow! Another great experience with Sarah. I had foot surgery on Tuesday, and was dealing with some intense pain which involved taking morphine to help with it. Sarah came and worked her magical reiki touch on my foot last night. She also did some smudging, essential oils, and let me borrow some healing crystals. I felt so zen and peaceful after she left. I had a restful night of sleep (instead of waking up every 2 hours to take pain meds), and I haven’t felt the need to take any strong pain medication since. My pain is noticeably better! Thank you so much Sarah!!